dbw2I was born in the UK, grew up in New Zealand and since returning have lived for long periods in London, Cheshire and Oxfordshire. I now live in Devon which is a great place for peace and quiet, sensational scenery and locally produced food and drink (all great passions). It is also,  undoubtedly, A Very Creative Place.

I have always written short stories (the first one I can remember being “Lost in the Dessert” at school). Since then my spelling has improved, although I have yet to be convinced about how much the overall standard of my output has changed.

Unfortunately, for much of my life, life – aka work, family, general stuff – managed to get in the way of prodigious literary output; that and the fact that most of my early stuff really was pretty bad. However, over the years I produced just enough to enable me to win or receive a shortlisting in various competitions which was sufficient encouragement to keep the flame burning.

Now, having finished my PhD (management, not writing) and scaled back work, I have more time. Stephen King said “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”  I’ve never had a problem with the first but the second is now a daily challenge.

However I have been writing more of late and although I’m toying with the idea of writing a novel fundamentally I really enjoy the short story as a form. It’s a great shame that there aren’t more commercial outlets and it seems odd that, in this age of bite-sized everything,  short stories haven’t regained the popularity they once enjoyed amongst the general public.

In the early part of my career I spent several years as a copywriter working both in-house and for a leading advertising agency before becoming a marketing and management consultant. Part of the portfolio career which I developed while latterly working for myself included work as a freelance journalist As such I had articles published in a wide range of print and online business and consumer publications.

My non-fiction books include: Marketing, Management & Motivation – successful business development for professional services firms, A Coaching Journey – true life stories of coach training, and Primetastic! – 50 tips for life over 50.

My collection of short stories: Instructions for Living is now available on Amazon and FeedaRead.



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